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  • Why am I not able to sign up?

    Please make sure that your email address has not already been registered, since your email address counts as your personal identification and can not be used multiple times.

  • I have forgotten my username/password

    Below the login form is a clickable text labeled "Forgot your password?". After clicking on this text, you will be prompted to enter the email address you used to sign up. You should receive an email to the specified email address. Please follow the instructions in said email.

  • How can I change my password?

    Please log in. Under the column «Profile» you will find a link to your «Account». Here you can change your personal information as well as your password.

  • How can I highlight text in my advertisement?

    You can edit your advertisement with the editor. Here, a selection of formatting possibilities is at your disposal. In addition to that, linking to an already published advertisement is possible as well.

  • My new advertisement is not displayed on the first page

    Please make sure to have saved and activated your advertisement. Only after the activation will your advertisement be shown in the list. The activated advertisements of all users will be sorted after their first activation, whilst the newest advertisement will be displayed higher up the list. You should deactivate expired advertisements for they will not be shown in the list anymore.

  • What does the function "inactivate" do?

    This function only causes your advertisement to not be displayed. However, it continues to exist in the background and occupies one of your advertisement slots. Therefore you should archive expired advertisements. By doing this, one of your advertisement slots can be used again if you have made a subscription for several advertisements. For single advertisements, this function is not available, meaning that you will not gain a new advertisement slot by deleting one of your old advertisements. 

    Use the "deactivate" function only, if you want to make some inquiries about the advertisement, or if you temporarily want the advertisement to not be displayed anymore.

  • How long will an advertisement be displayed?

    If you bought a single advertisement, it will stay activated for 30 days and will be subsequently archived. 

    If you bought a contingent (contingent of six or flatrate), your advertisement will stay activated for its whole term. Therefore, please archive advertisements which are not vacant anymore yourself.

  • Which advantages do I have as a member of the Hotel & Gastro Union?

    Members of the Hotel & Gastro Union as well as subscribers of the HGZ profit of special concessionary terms. Those terms can be found on the price list.

  • Job market for one's own website with gastrojob.ch

    If you manage all of your vacancies via gastrojob.ch, we can send you an IFrame-link for the implementation on your own site. Please contact <link>inserate@hotellerie-gastronomie.ch.

  • I have forgotten to renew my contingent/flatrate

    Your advertisements are still saved, however they will not be displayed anymore. As soon as you renew your subscription you will be able to activate your advertisements again and match them with your subscription. Once as single advertisements inserted advertisements can not be matched. Nonetheless you will find former advertisements in your archived advertisements.